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Student Safety Statement & Privacy Agreement 

Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning (CHS) endeavors to select candidates whom will not pose a safety risk to its students.  Please take the time to review each of the following statements about the CHS environment and the organization’s diligence regarding student safety.

Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning screens candidates for hire based on a multitude of factors that the school uses to assist in determining the candidate’s suitability; such factors focus on determining whether a candidate may appear to be at risk of committing emotional, physical or sexual abuse of students.
  • Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning will not select candidates whom appear to pose a safety risk to students.
  • Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning takes every allegation of abuse seriously. Concerns of students and adults are investigated thoroughly and diligently.
  • Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning employees are required to report any known or suspected abuse.
  • Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning reports known and suspected abuse to the police and protective services. During an investigation, CHS cooperates fully with law enforcement.
  • Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning provides adults with specific guidance about what is and is not appropriate for interacting with students. 
  • Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning monitors how adults interact with students and provides feedback when interactions are inappropriate. Inappropriate boundary violations with students may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination.
These statements have been provided to be transparent and to enable you to determine if CHS’s environment, with a strong focus on student protection and appropriate boundaries, is right for you. If these facts makes you uncomfortable, then this may not be a suitable work environment for you.

Thank you for taking the time to consider these important facts and reflect on how they affect your decision to apply for a position at CHS.

Privacy Agreement – use of information:

Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning’s career website is a recruitment and hiring tool available on the web to School employees and job applicants. When submitting your application, it is important to know that the information you provide through this career site may be shared with School employees engaged in the selection process. (Although diversity and veterans status data are not shared with those involved in the selection process.)

Please know that Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning may be required to disclose applicant information without notice or consent under subpoenas, warrants, orders or by lawfully authorized requirement or demand under the authority of the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or the United States.

By submitting your employment application to Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning, you agree that the information you submit and any subsequent information obtained in relation to it (including, but not confined to, any information obtained from the employment verifications, references, interviews, assessments, tests, etc.) may be used by Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning to process your employment application.


By clicking on "I accept" below, I acknowledge that:
  • I have read and understood the above information.
  • I consent to the collection and use of my personal information for the purposes described above.